TrendFollowing PRO|Global versions is our automated trend software that hunts longer trends as momentum increases.


Have the ability to scalp target after target while taking advantage of market expansions is th efoundation of TrendFollowing strategies.

TrendFollowing exploits short-term volatility while positioned to take advantage of long trending opportunities; this is where Traders have the advantage when TrendFollowing is applied.

TrendFollowing Global version manages positions with our proprietary (DRAMM) dynamic risk management module. Traders have the ability to dial in their downside risk and target strategies within each position.

TrendFollowing Global versions provide traders true hedging capabilities that set the new standard in today's retail trading automation.


Global Versions were engineered to concurrently hedge vertical and horizontal strategies over multiple instruments simultaneously. 

Traders seeking the absolute best in today's trading technology look no further than TruTrade's TrendFollowing!

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  MarketRipper Software Includes:

  • Installation & Property [Video]

  • Installation & Property PDF

  • Best Practices [Video]

  • Automation Overview & Recommended Settings [Video]

  • The Misconception: Trading Bots [Video]

  • Automation Mindset "What You Must Know" [Video]

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