Manual Trading is a thing of the past. Today, with the help of quantitative bot networks, swarm technology and trading with algorithms,  traders can automate their trading charts and deduce real-time information from the market. By doing so this diminishes the need of analyzing multiple charts for long periods of time and allows for productive trading results.

While quantitative algorithms have succeeded in attaining a high level of success in trade automation, it lacked a touch of human instinct and intuition. This challenge led us to the creation of TruTrade and the integration of Swarm intelligence.

At Trutrade, our model utilizes quantitative trading automation in combination with human instinct and the intuition of swarm technology. This provides a mathematical and human-based automated system that removes the struggles associated with manual trading.

There is no gainsaying the fact that 99% of traders trade by hand, which is extremely difficult to operate. In most of the cases, traders shuffle between one chart to another before making a profit-oriented decision. This can be overwhelming to the trader as this reduces efficiency and decreases their chances of success.

TruTrade has combined Swarm Technology with years of trading experience and cultivated knowledge from professional traders. Swarm intelligence uses this knowledge to allow users to forecast trades with greater accuracy. 


By integrating Swarm intelligence with our Quantitative Bot Networks we have increased financial forecasting accuracy as much as 35 percent. 


Going forward, our A. I. algorithms are amplified by the collaboration and integration of the wisdom and intuition of experienced and consistent traders. 


Quantitative Automation lacks Intuition. Introducing Swarm Intelligence helps fill that gap.

Who is this for?

Our trading software allows all levels of traders to gain hands-on access to the market Regardless of experience and expertise, TruTrade provides all traders with the ability to correctly navigate markets and make the right decision without feeling overwhelmed by the rigors of trading.