Gone are the days when trading involves the manual study of several trading charts before taking a market-oriented and data-driven decision to attract profit. Today, with the help of AI-based technology, qualitative bot networks, swarm technology, and algorithmic trading, traders can automate their trading charts and deduce real-time information from the market without going through the stress of staring at trading charts for long.periods of time.

While quantitative trading algorithms have succeeded in attaining a high level of success in trade automation, it lacked a touch of human instinct and intuition provided by swarm intelligence. This challenge led to the combination of quantitative trading algorithms and Swarm intelligence for the creation of TruTrade LLC Quantitative Bot-Networks.

At Trutrade, our AI-trading model utilizes quantitative trading automation in combination with the human instincts and intuition of swarm intelligence. This provides a mathematical and human-based automated trading which takes away the struggles associated with manual trading.

There is no gainsaying the fact that 99% of traders trade by hand, which is extremely difficult to manage. In most of the cases, these traders shuffle between one trading chart to the other before making a profit-oriented decision. This can be overwhelming to the traders, reduce their efficiency, and increase their chances of falling sick. Insert name of software here utilizes a multitude of data points to make trading decisions to enter trades.

Who is this for?

Our trading software at Trutrade allows all categories of users to gain hands-on access to market trends and plan their investment immediately. Regardless of your expertise, TruTrade provide all users with the ability to navigate the equities, futures and forex markets and make the right decision without feeling overwhelmed by analyzing a multitude of charts

Please contact TruTrade today for further questions about our Trading software. Our team of representatives will love to hear from you.

Please contact TruTrade LLC today for more information today! Have a few questions about our Trading software?. Our sales team would love to hear from you.