How Automated Trading Is More Effective Than Manual Trading

While manual trading can be described as a situation where a trader is forced to pour over data while deciding whether to buy or sell, automated trading refers to the use of algorithms that learn from previous data points and influence data-based decisions. Automated trading strategies utilize the power of AI to briefly study the market for precise entry opportunities and how to utilize them. Although some people are still skeptical about the power of AI-based trading systems, here are some benefits that may help you in your decision making.

Automated Vs. Manual Trading

a. Data-driven market decisions:

Unbiased decision-making is a prerequisite for a successful trade. One of the challenges of manual trading is making decisions which can be clouded by emotions or biases. Automated trading strategies remove the emotions and bias from any trade. Trading bots are trained to study market data and deduce useful information for the best results. Data-driven decisions go a long way in providing the right market information, thus boosting ROI.

b. Ability to build a portfolio of different systems

Successfully managing a portfolio is an extremely challenging task for the manual trader. Note; that success can be achieved by adopting automated strategies engineered to adhere to different market climates and keep pace without prejudice. With the use of the right trading bots, traders can build different systems and diversify their approach into the market with real-time results from historical trades and trading statistics.

c. Provision of simulated accounts

A simulated account is a crucial first step to becoming a successful trader. Simulation provides traders the ability to evaluate automated strategies without financial investment. This goes a long way in boosting confidence for the trader and gaining more understanding of the market.


At TruTrade LLC, we are on the move in creating the next-generation in automation which allows traders the ability to navigate financial markets with authority. Traders will experience freedom from the confinements one faces when trading in the traditional manner.