99% of traders believe today's bots, strategies, and or algorithmic type trading automation are engineered to set it and forget it, this is simply furthest from the truth! Trading a single automated strategy is designed to remove the heavy lifting from the trading process NOT eliminate the need to know how to trade!

Applying a single automated strategy is applied once your trading rules, daily goals, and downside risk are taken into account. Once a trader understands this they are one step further to achieving success. Automation removes the heavy lifting yes, however, the when and how we trade still applies! This is across the board no matter the automation purchased or whom it was purchased from.

Entering positions at the precise moment, dragging your stop losses, and concentrating as price action fluctuates is an extremely exhausting task. Even the best of us make mistakes as poring over data is a daunting task, automation simply removes these challenges from the equation.

The Perspective Trading with Automation:

Traders will immediately experience weight being lifted as automated strategies take over. Traders will traverse from stressing over entering and exiting positions at those precise moments to evaluating the market environment as a whole. Understanding the market direction, support, and resistance levels will increase the win rate exponentially.


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