TruTrade LLC has addressed the frustration traders may experience when adding 3rd party strategies to their platform. Add-on software often causes latency, pour fills, and which add up to excessive slippage.


TruTraderPRO is native to your platform, not a 3rd party add-on! With seamless integration, now you can trade with confidence as TruTraderPRO does all the heavy lifting












"You will experience an automation type feel, once your entry has been executed, TruTraderPRO takes over!"

Never before has it been this easy to execute trades. TruTraderPRO sets the bar when it comes to trade management.

TruTraderPRO Allows traders to execute 3 independent targets simultaneously. Each target allows traders to create their own specific exit strategy.

Would you like to take profits when the price touches your EMA? How about taking profits when your ATR level is reached? TruTraderPRO has you covered.

TruTraderPRO provides traders the edge needed to withstand the ebbs and flows traders experience


TruTrade has engineered TruTraderPRO to compliment our automation strategies for those that demand the absolute best!

TruTraderPRO is the next-generation trade management tool that executes trades immediately with precision. Latency becomes almost nonexistent.

TruTraderPRO gives you the ability to take control and precisely set your entries. Take profits with precision from an abundance of exit strategies to choose from.



  • Independent Target Management

  • Individual Stop-loss Breakeven

  • Automated Trailing Stops

  • Trail Positions EMA / SMA / ATR

  • Tic Entry / Target / Stop-Loss / Exit Settings

  • Enter Utilizing Bar Close / Bar Close PLUS X

  • Delayed Entry Functionality

  • Moving Average Trailing Stop management

  • Moving Average position Stops

Trade Management Functionality 

  • Dynamic Fibonacci Target Levels

  • Dynamic Fibonacci Trailing Stops

  • Dynamic PivotTrailing-Stops