TruTrade has been working tirelessly to make interactive automation a reality and they have now done it through the creation of their interactive trading software.

The new software supports traders who wish to migrate from the time-consuming manual trading mindset to fully automated trading strategies. 


TruTrade’s cutting-edge automation software differs from its competitors by giving retail traders the ability to fully automate their trading while remaining an interactive platform. For example, traders using TruTrade’s new technology can experience all the benefits of automated trading while still being able to alter their settings, strategies, or money management on the fly. TruTrade.IO’s innovative interactive trading software ultimately offers traders the flexibility needed to overcome the challenges traders bring. 


In addition, the interactive automated software allows for the automation of all kinds of trades. Making the trader’s life easier, TruTrade automates popular and effective indicators such as Macd, moving-average, Bollinger, Fibonacci, and money management strategies, all with just one click of a button. TruTrade allows users to manage their positions effortlessly. All traders have to do is make the decision to automate their trade management using TruTrade.IO’s integrated software. 


In addition, TruTrade’s all-new interactive automation software makes hedging positions easier than ever before. The technology allows traders to apply hedging techniques to their trading strategies. This significantly reduces the downside risks of retail trading. 


TruTrade’s interactive trading software is for any and all retail traders. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, TruTrade is right for you. More specifically, TruTrade is for anyone who doesn’t have the time or energy to manually enter, exit, and manage their own positions. Manual trading requires hours and hours of concentration, but with TruTrade’s software, the heavy lifting is done for you. 


Overall, TruTrade.IO’s interactive trading software is revolutionary and offers the best of the best in modern trading technology. To learn more about TruTrade.IO’s revolutionary retail trading technology, please visit our automated YouTube Channel