MarketTrigger White Logo.png introduces MarketTrigger. it's a dynamic, next-generation directional bias indicator that signals entry points with pinpoint accuracy. Retail traders who demand the absolute best in trading technology need to look no farther. 


Most retail traders rely on indicators to give them a sense of where a given market might be headed in the immediate future. However, in the past, the problem with that strategy was that a high percentage of indicators out on the market today proved to be inconsistent, unreliable, or would produce delayed—and hence, mostly irrelevant—results. Needless to say, all of this served to impede the ability of retail traders to meet their desired financial goals. With TruTrade’s launch of MarketTrigger, that is no longer the case. 


TruTrade has engineered MarketTrigger to predict today’s trading environment by combining many sophisticated algorithms into a single piece of software that provides entry signals with pinpoint accuracy while simultaneously providing market directional bias which, in turn, can be overlaid directly on trader’s charts. In a sense, MarketTrigger can forecast future price movements, and in doing so, can pinpoint near-perfect market entry points for its users. By utilizing MarketTrigger’s state-of-the-art features such as momentum signaling technology, multi-timeframe continuation signals, dynamic scalping trigger signals, price action actionable signals, dynamic smart line support, and resistance levels, retail traders will be far better positioned to capitalize on market shifts before they happen.


What separates the MarketTrigger from the rest of the field is the blend of technology, experience, and foresight that went into developing MarketTrigger. Even the most seasoned professionals rave about MarketTrigger. Finally, there is an indicator that pinpoints entries before they happen! has engineered MarketTrigger to combat today's trading environment by combining a multitude of algorithms to print market directional bias that is overlaid directly on your chart. The MarketTrigger prints entries with precision with the use of our integrated SmartLines technology.

TruTrade believes that as markets evolve, so should indicators and the technology used to build them. By using MarketTrigger, retail traders of all levels of experience—from beginner to seasoned veteran—can harness the most cutting-edge software available to them. perceives indicators in a completely different way.



FINALLY, AN INDICATOR THAT SIGNALS THE DIRECTION AND ENTRIES BEFORE THEY HAPPEN! has taken MarketTrigger to another level entirely. MarketTrigger prints dynamic directional bias, support, and resistance levels you can count on. Scalping becomes a breeze as it tips the scales back in the trader's favor.


  • Dynamic SmartLines Support/Resistance Levels 

  • Momentum trading signal technology

  • Price Action Actionable Signals

  • Dynamic Scalping Trigger Signals

  • Multi-timeframe Continuation Signals