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TruTrade has developed several high-end dynamic indicators for traders who expect the best!  What sets TruTrade apart is the blend of technology and engineering used to create indicators that project the true direction of the market while utilizing momentum, and higher-timeframes over dozens of bars sizes. TruTrade has engineered indicators to combat today's trading environment.

Most traders utilize indicators to help navigate the market and relying on their accuracy to make decisions. The challenge with this mindset is that indicators are notorious for being unreliable, producing delayed data, unwanted slippage, and inconsistent results. This prevents traders from executing with precision. TruTrade perceives indicators in a completely different way.

TruTrade has taken its leading high-end automation and converted the algorithms to paint directional bias, entry, and exit levels you can count on. Scalping becomes a breeze as it tips the scales back in the trader's favor.


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  • Dynamic Support/Resistant Levels 

  • Momentum trading signal technology

  • Price Action Actionable Signals

  • Dynamic Scalping Trigger Signals

  • Multi-timeframe Continuation Signals

  • Trend Exhaustion Signals

  • Quantitative HTF Trend Bias Indicator


As markets evolve so should indicators and the technology in which we build them.  

For traders that expect dynamic precision, our engineering is second to none.

TruTrade is the industry leader indicator development and bot automation. Join the next generation in trading technology with TruTrade LLC.






Don't let the simplicity fool you. TruHTF is the ultimate market directional indicator that paints your chart's background to determine market directional bias by utilizing a multitude of higher-Timeframes and bar sizes. Traders who apply runners to their trading strategy will benefit from having the capability to make larger moves without exiting positions prematurely. TruHTF is second to none!





TruAceleration utilizes algorithms from our quantitative bot networks which allow traders to enter a trade and add to their position with precision. For traders who scalp or want their runners to take a larger percentage, adding this incredible acceleration signal to your charts will take your trading to the next level.



















TruExhaustion allows traders to recognize trend exhaustion at a glance. TruExhaustion paints bars as a visual warning when to move stops tight to price or when to take profits during an acceleration move. This tool is a Traders chart must-have!




















TruMomentum is a scalper's dream! Engineered from our quantitative bot networks simply is a must-have when taking quick profits. TruMomentum pinpoints real dynamic entry signals you can count on.





















Delivers support & resistance levels to allow traders to adjust their stop-loss and targets with precision.  



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TruTrade TruHTF Indicator
TruTrade TruExhaustion Indicator
TruTrade TruTrend-SR Indicator